This is a temporary project web page. The web site is currently being constructed. Logo

Project Overview

phpRepository is a web portal and content management system. It is designed to give users the utmost power and performance for their web site while at the same time provide an easily customizable and unique look and feel. The project will include all of the feature listed below and is currently under heavy construction. You can view a working demo by clicking the link on the adjacent panel.


This is a current list of features. I intend for all of them to be impletement before the first release. I would say however, that only a little over half are completed. There are more features in the actual engine than on this list but I consider them only small perks and not actual major features.

  • Fully CSS and XHTML compliant system based on W3C
  • All styles based in a set of css files
  • Layout is determined by header and footer files which are created by the user or from a pre-designed package
  • No limit to the number of css files or design of templates
  • Special variables designed in the engine allow for users to incorporate panels, ads, or special values where ever they are needed.
  • Templates and themes are loaded dynamically by the engine and can be changed on the fly
  • Ability to add ads of any size and specify them as horizontal or vertical display.
  • Interfaces with theme engine to allow for horizontal or vertical panels, or simply the ads themselves.
  • Complete ad statistics including hit ratios and comparison with other ads, locations, and ads of the same affiliate
  • Affiliate info and affiliate based ads for easy tracking
  • Weighted advertisement loop
  • Time dependent ad control
  • Full archived news engine complete with moderation, bbcode, comments, reviews, and many other features
  • Multiple user levels provide for anonymous posting all the way up to admin and moderator only features
  • Comment features with moderator and admin tagging
  • Supports BBCode images, quotes, code, urls, b, i, u and smilies
  • Review and rating system for news articles
  • Category system which includes a blog category for blog like news options
  • RSS compatible
  • Searchable List, Monthly, or Calendar archive formats
  • Anonymous or login posting
  • Automatic comment spam, blacklisting, and bad word filters
  • User database with register, preferences, login, logout and profiles
  • User system supports all features on the website
  • Different user levels with multiple defined privileges
  • Coded PHP4 and MySQL
  • Panel system allows users to add different features to their website on the fly using the template interface.
  • Panels include (with more on the way):
    • Search box
    • Latest Headlines
    • Blog/Archive Calendar
    • Customizable Menus
    • Who is online Box
    • Login box
    • Survey panel
    • Latest Forum post box
    • Advertisement panels
  • Full survey and poll system with both anonymous and user login styles
  • Full language support (with a default of english and german)
  • Full admin interface for easy access and control


  • Adopt language support for news
  • Add Category feature to news articles
  • Update Archives (Calendar Based)
  • Update news submission system
  • Fix panels
  • Update user preferences
  • Finish theming for all systems
  • Forums
  • Add user levels
    • Administrator: have full access and privileges
    • Moderator: can add and edit others posts
    • Journalist: can only add and edit own news/blogs, can review news
    • Regular: post, comment, vote, etc. but not edit
  • Blog or Article option for news. Blogs appear on separate page.
  • IP Banning
  • Anonymous Posting
The project is still under heavy construction. However, you can see a live demo of what is completed here.

Demo Limitations

No Archives. The archives are currently being written and while much of the code does exist, I have yet to write the theme and layout part of it. The archives will include a calendar interface (like with the panel application), a list by month, a list by category, and a search feature.

No User Interface. While I have included the login script, I have not included the register script or any of the profile or preference data. These scripts have been written and I would even venture to say that I do not need to change much of the code. I do however need to write the theme and layout for them. I also decided that it would not fit the spirit of the sample to allow users to login, register and post comments. I may change my mind.

Only News Included. I have not include the forums or user interface. For one, the forums have only been partially written and will need a substantial amount of work to complete. Furthermore, I have no sample of what the admin features will look like. I have not even begun to write this as it will include moderation, advertisement handling, and general administration features.

Limited Sampling. Not all the features have been enabled in the demo. There are several panels which are not shown however, all panels are complete. I have also limited the user functions so you cannot log in, submit news/comments, etc. Furthermore, I have only released this one theme and language. I have written two other themes to showcase different parts of the system and am working on german language translations but they were not released and available in the demo. Only the most stable products are shown and advancements and improvements will be made in time.

Copyright (C) 2005 Stephen Schweizer